Amazon continues to harbor some of our favorite products in their massive beauty collection — and if you look carefully, you can find some that will stop you in your tracks. Our current hair tool obsession buried within the mega e-retailer's trending best-seller list? The FemJolie Hair Straightening Brush. This Brush is taking the leading Role in Amazon's Beauty trends.  Not... Continue Reading →


Who said you can't look good and flex this winter/harmattan season? Well i didn't say it, no one did, no will, unless you're forced by the evil cold weather. Now hold the frown baby, don't give up just yet,  guess who's your hero? Yeah yeah i mean who's gonna save you from the dreadful cold? Yes!... Continue Reading →

Hello Guys Welcome to IvesTrendyTopic Blog. So before the year runs out, i want to show you beauty mascaras that has been released so far and is trending. Now im only gonna talk about 5, but trust me these ain’t all on the trending lists. These fab mascaras are the top trending beauty products. Tho... Continue Reading →

Who am I?


imagesWho am I? Have you ever thought about it? In this huge world filled with millions and trillions of different types of people, you must have to introspect yourself at least once in a day!
Everyone in this world is aware of the problems that a female face. We feel bad for them and we post many articles, posters, quotes, poems etc.. Does that really make a change in their situation? Maybe it may have made a small change. I really appreciate those who come forward to protest against all the unfair stuff happening around us, every day!
In between all these problems we, females get confused and scared. But I am really downloadhappy to see many females are now stubborn, strong and smart. Yes!! now they understood that a female is someone who can change the entire world if she gets a chance to and the things society had told…

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