Are your hands really happy with you? Are they comfortable with how you treat them? Or are they cool with how you pay attention to your other body parts, and give none to them? Do you invest on, and care for your hands the way you invest and care for your body and face? If... Continue Reading →


Top 10 Acne Fighting Foods. 

You have to follow this guide to get the soft, smooth and glowing skin. Here are 10 foods that work wonder for your skin. Our diet has a major effect on skin’s health. If you are taking healthy diet it directly effects on your skin health in a positive way. But if you are not... Continue Reading →

Five skincare tips for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin tends to rash easily when exposed to dirt or even moderate strength skin care products. If your skin manifests these signs, chances are high that you really have sensitive skin. For a thorough skin assessment, a visit to a dermatologist is in order. Since caring for sensitive skin can be quite difficult, it... Continue Reading →

5 Genius coconut oil hacks

This amazing gift from nature has unique uses outside the kitchen. Deep conditioner There are plenty of haircare products that boast coconut oil as an ingredient nowadays, but my mom always skipped the fancy bottles and went straight to the source. She would massage warmed liquid coconut oil into my scalp twice a month before... Continue Reading →

The benefits of eating moringa.

We all know superfoods, like fruits, vegetables, and seeds are beneficial for our daily diet. Popular food staples like avocado, kale, and turmeric are packed with nutrients that can boost our health and wellbeing. Now, there's a new health food that's rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and other compounds — moringa, which is touted for fighting disease... Continue Reading →

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