Tips On How To Have A Flawless And Long Lasting Makeup On

Makeup is an essential aspect for women. And every day we see a lot of women, complaining about how their makeup don’t last long and washes off whenever they sweat.

Okay lets imagine a scenario where you finish beating your face, and you go out just to realise few hours later, half of your make up has already gone off.

You’re probably not using or adding the right product or method when making up, especially when you have very oily skin. so your makeup tends to go off even if you’re not done rocking your looks.

Here are some few tips on how to have a flawless and long lasting makeup :

1 PRIMER: Using a primer is a very important pre-makeup process. Make sure to use before applying any makeup, because it helps in keeping the facial surface dry; thereby preventing an excessively oily face. 

2.FOUNDATION : beware the kind of foundation you apply on your face. Make sure it melts into your skin. It should also blend with your skin tone (face and neck) as it gives your makeup a more flawless finish, and a less dramatic look. Also during periods of harsh weather, use just a little bit of foundation (just enough to give you that flawless face) so your makeup won’t get messed up.

3.LIPSTICK : Lipsticks are meant to make our face game stand out. In other words it helps in defining the face. Adding a little primer on your lips, would make your lipstick Last longer  

4.EYE-SHADOW:  A lot of people complain about how their eye-shadow lasts only a short while on the face. So before playing with your pallette, apply a concealer or eye-shadow primer to achieve a longer stay. It also helps it blend properly.

p.s : Always Use a makeup spray to hold your makeup for a long while.

I hope these tips help fix your makeup problems.

Photo source : Pinterest

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