7 Lipstick Hacks For A Perfect Lip

Lipsticks are really important, they are one trend that will never go out of style! Lipsticks are basically the beacon of every makeup, and can be merged in different ways. What’s a makeup without the versatile lipstick?! They are a girls best friend!

having a flawless lip can be very easy to achieve, but maintaining a flawless lipstick wear can be such a struggle, especially when you need to save time, and those colors keeps going out of your lip line, so you have to wipe it off- which means waste of lipstick and time.

Okay no need to make a fuss about it girl. I mean you could have a perfect lipstick wear with less effort and also save time!

So here are really good hacks you could use to achieve a perfect lip!

1. Exfoliate : This is the official and first rule before wearing a lipstick, your lips must be rid of any flakiness and spots, as this is one of the vital factor that contributes to every lipstick problem. So always remember to prep your lips by exfoliating first.

2. Use Lip Balm : This will provide you the moisturizing effect after exfoliating. Apply lip balm 15 mins before you start beating that face! ( making up).

3. Lip Lining : AKA lip contour- or not! Well a lot of people disregard this method. Lip lining will give you a perfect outline and smudge free lip. lip lining basically defines your lip, giving you a perfect cupids bow. Always remember to us the X Rule when lip lining, to prevent your lipstick from eluding your lip line.

4. Foodie Alert : This should probably be the first rule of makeup, but always remember to eat and drink before applying your lipstick, so you won’t have to repeat the whole process again.

5. Concealer : Okay, now take a sit while I serve you 2 cups tea. There are two ways two ways or more to use a concealer for your lips.

  • Improve Lipstick Shade : you ever noticed that lipstick looks different even if two people uses the same colour? Well its the colour of thier own lip. If you have a darker or lighter lip, you’re more likely to get a different shade than what is seen in the tube or expected! So basically, the colour of your lips influences the hue. Apply concealer on your lips, allow to dry in Just to avoid too much moisture than needed, then apply your lipstick and you’re good.
  • Corrector : oops! Did that lipstick finally escaped your lip line? No need to wipe it off. Just use a concealer to correct any smudge or mistakes. And you’re good!.

6. Use Red Lipstick To Correct Dark Circles : The red can be used to cancel the darkness, making the concealer to seamlessly brighten the dark circles. Apply the lipstick, blend, then apply the concealer.

7. Blush : Use a Red lipstick as substitute for blush! Just apply very little amount and blend.

Photo source : google/Pinterest.

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