Refine Your Lifestyle With These Tips, And Achieve A Healthy Skin

Do you know that your lifestyle affects and determines your skins health?, what you eat and drink, and your daily activities plays a great role on your skin negatively or positively.

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Adapting and practicing a healthy lifestyle is extremely important and necessary in other to achieve or maintain a healthy skin.

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We all know that our skin reacts to whatever physical activites we do and food we eat, and even our very own emotions. Yes honey, our skin is that sensitive.

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Here are ways to improve your lifestyle:

  1. Hydrate your body : Yes, imma keep on preaching this, until we all adjust. Keeping your body hydrated with either water, fresh juice, or herbal tea, will result to clear healthy skin. And Hydrating also goes a lonnnnng way not only for your skin, but your over all health.

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2. Avoid Stress: Can we just get rid of the whole stress existence, and move on with life! I’m Bitter when it comes to stress, because stress truly affects our skins health in many ways, by leading to acne breakout, sensitivity, rash and dull skin. Yep! its one in a million affair.

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3. Abstain From Alcohol : Consuming alcohol is one of the major culprit in skin issues these days. Alcohol when consumed excessively will give you a dry or wrinkled skin. Alcohol extremely dehydrates your skin and body in general. I need not remind you of the many effects of consuming alcohol.

4. Avoid Smoking : smoking is bad for the skin because it deprives it of oxygen, and our skin needs to always breathe. Smoking gives you a dull complexion, and also makes it wrinkled. So shun smoking by all means possible.

5. Use Sunscreen Regularly : Adapt the Habit of using a sunscreen whenever you go out in the sun. The sun is ‘Fuego’ And harmful to the skin.

6. Regular Exercise : Exercising helps in combating stress, so indulge yourself in it.

7. Eat Healthy : Always eat with your skin in mind, cos you are what you eat. Avoid the unnecessary junkies, excess sugar and all that.

8. Detoxify : This is a very popular trend, and everyone is into it. Always try to detoxify your system, you’d be shocked on how it benefits your entire body.

Healthy living is a lifelong effect, And best Trend to follow.



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