29 Gorgeous Red Lipstick Makeup

Red lips are a classic when it comes to makeup. It is a top choice for every woman. Red Lipstick has been an unending trend among women of different culture and race. It has this magic of making you look attractive and classy. It can be rocked on different occasions, or simply just for fun.

Lipsticks are a girls bestfriend, cos we love to pucker up with beautiful colours for that perfect looks

There are million ways of wearing and types of lipsticks, From glossy, metallic, matte. and also different brands to choose from, so get your game up princess!

Here are 29 Red lips inspired makeup

Meanwhile, my favorite lip colour is maroon or anything dark. But these looks are inspiring! Makes me wanna go lipstick shopping.☺

Everyone should have a signature lipstick colour, or a go-to shade of red.

Nothing says confidence like rocking a red lip bright or bold, Red Is Versatile

❤Thank you❤

What’s your all round lip colour?



  1. I LOVE lipstick…it is the one makeup staple I don’t ever leave home without..red however I find to be intimidating at times and end up wiping it off before I ever get to work when I find the courage to put it on, thak you for reminding me what an awesome color red is
    ..love the blog!!!

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  2. Oh wow! Great post. When it comes to lipsticks, I melt ❤️ My favourite red at the moment is the ‘Stay All day Liquid Lipstick’ in colour ‘Beso’ from Stila cosmetics! LOOOOVE IT!

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