6 Symptoms Of Excess Sugar Intake

Everybody eats sugar, everybody loves sugar and most can’t even do without it sometimes, Like me for instance.

Sugar is used in many ways, they can be added to your coffee, tea, cookies, pancakes, biscuits, cakes and so on. I can’t go on with the list else i might start craving for some of these 😍. But no one can deny the fact that we’re all addicted to sugar.

But when consumed in excess amount, that’s when it becomes harmful to our health. We all know that Too much of Everything is bad especially sugar, and so our sugar intake should be taken in moderate amount, else we are in for it.

Here’s How You Know You Are Eating Too Much Sugar When You Notice These Symptoms.

1. Weight Gain :

When you take excess sugar, you gain weight through the release of Insulin a Hormone that’s has to do with weight gain. Besides excess sugar is excess calories, which triggers the insulin in your body.

2. Inflammation Of The Skin:

Yes, Acne, Rosacea, eczema and other skin related issues could be caused by too much sugar. Cutting out sugar from your diet improves your skins condition and appearance.

3. Poor Eyesight:

We all are aware that sugar when consumed in extreme amount causes diabetes, and poor eyesight is one of the things that comes with diabetes.

4. Taste Buds Problem:

In this case, you need more sugar to satisfy your sugar cravings cos nothing taste as sweet as it used to. This means your taste buds are wrecked, temporarily!

5. Consistent Cold And Flu:

Consuming too much sugar eventually weakens your immune system, making it difficult to fight off colds and flu or any other diseases that comes your way.

6. Fatigue And Weakness:

Do you feel fatigued and weak at times? Then sugar is the culprit. You think you’re having a sugar rush at 1st, wait and see the crash that comes afterwards. It’s like hangover, but only this time it’s not coming from alcohol.

If your body is sending you these warning ⚠ signs, then don’t ignore it. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

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  1. I thought I couldn’t live without sugar, but once I started using less and less of it, I noticed my taste buds change. What was a “normal” level of sweetness back then is nauseating now.

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