15 Wretched Habits We Need To Drop In ‘2017’ Before We Cross Over To ‘2018’

To succeed in 2018, and in life as a whole, we need to loose some dirty, ill habits in 2017, before we move on to the nextThese habits, if not dropped will only ruin and make life worst for us.

I wrote these in other to change your perspective and motive towards life and to also welcome you into a great world of positivity, by the Grace of God.

  1. PROCRASTINATION: i believe we are guilty of this. This habit will not only hold us back from achieving our goals, but will also destroy what we‘ve already built.                                  
  2. REGRET: People please can we just just stop doing this? Can we just move on and forget all the dirty and ill experiences and situations weve been through?. Yes shit happens, therefore suck it up, forget it and live goes on.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself cos your actions and past wont change anything, instead holding on to it will only hurt you the more. Just cast your burdens on God.   
  3. LIES: When we lie, we Destroy the  trust we’ve  built and reputation weve earned. Remember the truth always find its way out no matter how long it takes and when it does, it escalates quickly. Besides, lying is the nature of the devil and we have the nature of Christ, so it shouldn‘t be found in us.    
  4. GOSSIP: If youre guilty as charged, then you should  change ASAP. Spreading false tales about someone is as good as you killing them blatantly. Before you go about gossiping, try to put your self in their shoes. And if you think that you don’t gossip, but only listen to what they have to say, then im sorry to break it to you, you’re one of them. To avoid being a gossiper, NEVER ENTERTAIN GOSSIP.  and always mind your business.                                   
  5. COUNTING ON OTHERS AND YOUR SELF:  if you always look up to a man like you, and not on God, i assure you, man will fail you, you will fail you, but God will never fail you. Instead of counting on others or yourself, count on the lord and let him be God in your life.                                                               
  6. LAZINESS: okay so we are all guilty of this lol.. But then we have to stop doing it. Let’s all stop relaxing when we need to get things done. Remember only hard work pays not laziness. If the millionaires we know today were being lazy and not working hard, then we wouldn’t have known them at all.    
  7. OVERSTRESS: Just because i said you should work hard, doesn’t mean you should over do it. We kill our body when ever we over work it, thereby leading to breakdown. Always remember to have proper rest daily to avoid unnecessary breakdown.              
  8. NEGATIVITY:  This irritating habit will do you no good at all. Please stop being pessimistic at all times and always put on the armour of positive vibes. If you know someone who is always on the negative mood, run away from them if you cannot change them. This thing is toxic and would contaminate you in no time. WHO EVER SAID “BAD COMPANY CURRUPTS THE GOOD ONES, WASN’T PLAYING AT ALL”.                    
  9. SELFISHNESS:  Having regard for your self alone and not minding the wellbeing of others is a total F9. If you have love in you, you’ll know how to care for others. “love your neighbour as you love your self,” Is a commandment giving to us by God and by so doing has a reward attached to it. Therefore, we ought to Obey.                                                           
  10. SARCASM: Some people are born with this, while some just choose to be sarcastic at all times. Either ways, you have to tame it. You hurt people‘s feelings when you display your sarcasm talent on them. try to stay away from such people to avoid getting hurt.                                                
  11. HYPOCRISY:  stop contradicting. Being blunt and honest wont kill you. Its a free world, so being just and virtuous is allowed. Stop the pretending.                                                  
  12. SMOKING/DRINKING: Soyou spend your money on getting high on alchohol and smoking blunts. Makes you irresponsible. You should dump that fast and set a standard before its too late. The bible did say, “ a fool is better than a drunkard ”.                         
  13. ANGER/BITTERNESS:  Anger is destroyer of man. Anger kills, anger destroys what you spent years building. It is better to be quiet when youre angry, than to speak words that can never be erased. (Ephesians 4:26, psalms 4:4). Same as Bitterness, it is an unforgiving spirit, not just to others, but to oneself as well. Bitterness is resentment, hostility, and hatefulness. If you surfer from this, then you need Jesus.    
  14. COMPLAINING:  why do we complain on issues that are irrelevant sometimes. We just keep nagging and nagging. Can we start talking less and use the time we complain to do something useful. Thank you!                 
  15. THEI CANT DO ITHABIT:  the only time you’re allowed to say “ i can’t ” is to the devil. Or else, delete that negative words from your life. Stop holding yourself back when you can do it. Stop contradicting the word of God that says “ we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.”  

    Take control of your life now before its too late. Now i did not just write this to you alone, but also to my self. Change starts with us, and change starts now. Be the Change you wish to see. i pray things will begin to fall in places for you, as you begin your journey into success. 

    ❤❤thank you❤❤ 

    Best wishes❤ Ive Blessing kumagah❤


    34 thoughts on “15 Wretched Habits We Need To Drop In ‘2017’ Before We Cross Over To ‘2018’

    1. I stopped smoking.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh sweet, thank God, im happy for you❤

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Excellent list to take with us into the new year. Thank you for following BrewNSpew.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It really is, thanks for reading ❤❤❤, your blog is awesome, that’s why i followed. thank you for following mines .


    3. I have already have a PHD in Procrastination😳
      I guess I have to stop procrastinating tomorrow😜

      Liked by 2 people

      1. 😂😂😂😂😂 OMG im crying right now!!
        You’re so sweet❤❤

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    4. This procrastination thing…has got to end lol

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Im so guilty of that..
        So yeah, it has got to end 😂


    5. This is beautiful. Mine is sarcasm and ….. Thanks a ,lot

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      1. Thank you.. With Gods help, i think you will overcome it.
        You’re welcome..


        1. Yes indeed. Although I don’t hurt d sensitive ones. But I will overcome bcos He has

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          1. Thank God you don’t.. Haha..
            Amen bro.. Indeed he has.
            Bless you💖


            1. Yes ooo. Amen sis. Bless u too ,💓

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    6. great post. there are definitely since things on this list that I need to change

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you sweetie..
        Im glad you’re inspired to. God will see you through it.

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      1. Thank you so much, im glad it did 💖😊


    7. Reblogged this on Creative Crafts DIY and commented:
      Thanks to Ivestrendy for sharing these! 💐😊

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      1. Thank you so much ❤❤❤.
        im glad you love it.

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