Rihanna Dropped Six Figures on Her Niece’s Birthday Party.

The lovely RiRi has yet to become a mother — so when it comes to spoiling babies, all that attention goes to her little niece, Majesty. And when it comes to lavishing the tot with presents and attention, the “Wild Thoughts” singer spares no expense. Majesty recently turned three-year-old and her Auntie RiRi threw her a star-worthy birthday party and In Touch has all the exclsuive details!

She recently sent hundreds of thousands of dollars on her niece Majesty’s third birthday party,” a source told In Touch. “Now, Rihanna has thrown fancy parties for her niece before but the source called this one “was over-the-top.”

You might think, what use does a pre-school age child have for designer clothes and gifts? But, clearly, Rihanna disagrees because the party was decked out with designer goodies.

She had a Louis Vuitton tent and a Chanel tent filled with expensive gifts from each fashion house,” the source continued. “She also ordered cupcakes for the kids and had the event catered.”


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