Are your hands really happy with you? Are they comfortable with how you treat them? Or are they cool with how you pay attention to your other body parts, and give none to them? Do you invest on, and care for your hands the way you invest and care for your body and face? If... Continue Reading →


I want to express my gratitude to the lovely and inspiring JC . I really want to thank you for Making me apart of this.  is an amazing blog with interesting content you'll surely love, so do endeavour to check it out. IvesTrendyTopic was established on June 2017, i kept the blog running for a few weeks,... Continue Reading →

   ❄ Welcome! ❄ 🌲🎅Merry Christmas To you all🎅🌲 Ready For Another Dose of Ive? Lets go! A gift as we all know is something unique given to that special someone on special occasions. Now the wait is over, and a very special occasion is here!  So i made this gift guide for you in... Continue Reading →

❄ Welcome! ❄ 🌲🎅Merry Christmas To you all🎅🌲 Ready For Another Dose of Ive? Lets go! On my last post, i talked about gift ideas for him, And in case you missed it, just click HERE to check it out.  Christmas is all the pretty things, and we ladies love pretty things. The right gift should be thoughtful, but also be something that your girlfriend will... Continue Reading →

I really want to thank you all for making this a dream come true.  My blogging journey was really hard at 1st, but now its a huge success, thanks to all of you who supported me.  When i started blogging, it was just 1 follower, and now i have you all. I won't just call... Continue Reading →

These cute tops are on the A' list fashion trends. It keeps getting better and better. It comes in different styles, sizes, colours and designs. We just cant get enough of it, cos this thing is a game changer. Yeah this is the slay Queen starter pack. It is just absolutely pretty.   These tops... Continue Reading →

If you wear glasses every day, consider your glasses your best fashion accessory. So far, everyone is into wearing glasses, yes, no one dulls when it comes to glass fashion. And over the years, this fashion piece has been improved in any ways possible, therefore it  keeps getting better and better . Now they come... Continue Reading →

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